4 gift ideas for your woman this Christmas

It could be tricky to find a perfect gift for your woman. The “what to get buy wife for Christmas 2016?” is really not a simple question for husbands to answer. It is not about finding the trendiest gift for your woman in the season to come, it is about how much you know about her interests, her hobbies, and her favorites.

There are tons of things in the market would attract a woman, from food, furniture, household appliances to fashion. Of course giving your wife household appliances is practical but not romantic at all. On the other hand, fashion seems to be the most suitable kind of gifts for any holiday, not to mention the Christmas season.

Now, let’s start our journey to answer this question:


Cosmetics are one of the most common daily stuffs of woman. Or if your wife does not use them daily, she still needs them for other occasions such as parties, events, meetings, etc. There are thousands of options when it comes to cosmetics. You can start from skin care to hair care or both. You need to know her type of skin and hair to buy gifts related to hair and skin. You can buy a beauty box set for your wife on this special day, from skin care, eye care, lip care, sun care to body care.


It is really hard to buy someone shoes, as it may not fit their feet. In this case, make sure you buy her shoes at a store where she can comes back later for the change of size, in case it doesn’t fit her. There are dozens type of heels in the market: kitten heels, pumps, stilettos, wedge heels, cone heels, sling back heels, peep toe heels, boots, oxfords,    etc…


Bag is not about containing essential daily stuffs, it is also a fashion item any woman should have. Depending on your lady’s interests, you can give her a suitable type of bag. The common types of bag are: hobo, baguette, messenger, barrel, minaudiere, bucket, clutch, saddle, doctor, satchel, frame, wristlet, etc… For daily use, baguette, bucket and barrel bag would be great as it has large size. For evening out, minaudiere and clutch are the best choice. Depending on the purpose, you can ask a shop assistant to help you choose the best one for your wife.





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