Air Fryer Review – My own experience

Last year I heard about a very smart cooking gadget that can fry almost every kind of food, yet still keep people in good health. I started searching for it online, studied about its function, benefits and almost everything about it. Then I was so excited about all the awesome things it can bring to a user, I bought it. I put it in my kitchen for 12 months from now on, making myself and my family thousands of healthy and tasty meals. It is called an Air Fryer, this is why I am writing about an Air Fryer review today, hoping it can bring you the same wonderful things for your daily meals.

What isit?

It looks simillar to an electric rice cooker, but it has a removable tray to contain food instead. The air fryer use electricity as a source for heating air and make food done. Inside the machine, a mechanical fan plays the role of circulate hot air with high speed, the cooking time and cooking temperature is manually controlled by you through a knob or touchable screen. This is a unique technology that can lessen from 70 to 80 percent of fat during the whole cooking process. Foods are still done crisply and softly without using liters of oil any longer.

How it benefits you:

As I mentioned above in the second paragraph of this review, the technology of an air fryer make it possible for food to be crispy and soft with less than 80% oil. This is nothing different than lessen 80% of getting more weights, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. By the same token, the budget you are supposed to pay for daily, monthly amount of oil will be gone! Having a cooking machine that protect you from disease while keeping you healthy, is it phenomenal?

Beside these two outstanding benefits, it gives you even more:

  • Saving you time: you can brush a single layer of oil on your food, put it in the tray and set respective duration time, the timer  will automatically shut down when your foods reach the limit. Unlike traditional frying cooking gadget, you don’t have to stay at the kitchen watching out for the food not to be burnt and wait to change the food’s sides from time to time. You can go outside for a walk, relaxing on a sofa watching TV, taking care of your kids or anything else; the meals are ready for you when you come back.
  • Safety is the best policy: now there is no need to hold the frying pan with one hand while using another to cover your face, afraiding oil to spout into your eyes anymore. You also don’t have to scare of fire catching by oil like traditional cooking method.

I hope that an this review will be useful for you and help you to make the right decision for your healthy life.


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